Our Markget
We have provided people who are blind or disabled with the opportunity to lead independent lives since 1990 and onto the Millennium and beyond. As each individual finds the road to independence, we turn to you asking for your support to pave their route.


Housing and United Services, Inc., has no paid employees and all of our services are provided by dedicated volunteers. Thus, all of our funds are used in serving our clients. We provide such services as housing information, transportation opportunities, a full range of advocacy, a clearinghouse of information and referrals, multi-media transcription service, a newsletter and networking with all organizations and agencies serving people who are blind or disabled. All of our information and communications are in the media of choice of the reader. 


We offer a computer recycling program where we take in used computers and recondition them to be placed with a person or child who is blind or visually impaired.


We assist small organizations and self help groups with starting newsletters and other forms of regular communication with their members. In addition, we will also consult with them on such matters as how to operate more effectively and efficiently. These services are provided free.


More than 55% of blindness occurs in our senior years. We are expanding to meet the needs of this group. We could not continue or expand our services without your help, so we ask you to help us at this time with a financial gift. All gifts are important and greatly appreciated by the lives changed by blindness or disability.

As a Tax Exempted 501(c) (3) Organization all Financial Gifts and Donations are Tax Deductible.